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Achieve Your Dream Of Flying Like A Bird

You can fly through the air on a glider while participating in the sport of paragliding. For those who wish to feel the rush of flight without having to worry about the challenges of operating an aeroplane, this sport is fantastic. All you have to do is sit back, relax, and allow us to take you up in the air so you can experience the thrill of flying. Paragliding is a sport that anyone, regardless of experience or skill level, can enjoy. All you have to do is pick a weekend or weekday that works best for you to visit Kamshet Paragliding. There are numerous places in the world where you can paraglide. However, Kamshet is the best place for paragliding and is well-known for it.

Choose Kamshet Paragliding Tandem Packages

  • Bliss Tandem SkyRide

    Perfect For Beginners.
    • 10-15 Min Ride
    • Pilot Controlled
    • Without Acrobatic Maneuvers
    • Photo & Video Charges Extra ₹500/-.
    • Shared Jeep Cost Extra
  • Instructional Ride

    Perfect for people who wants to control the Paraglider.
    • 10-15 Min Ride Duration.
    • Self Control for some time.
    • Under Pilot Instructions.
    • Photo & Video Charges Extra ₹500/-.
    • Shared Jeep Cost Extra.
  • Acrobatic SkyRide

    A Thrill Ride Experience Specially For Adventure Junkies
    • 10-15 Min Ride Duration.
    • Acrobatic Maneuvers.
    • Wing-Overs
    • Spiral
    • Ridge Dancing
    • Sat
    • Photo & Video Charges Extra ₹500/-.
    • Shared Jeep Cost Extra.

Bird's Eye View: Tandem Paragliding at Kamshet Paragliding

  • Kamshet Paragliding Meeting Point:

For Kamshet Paragliding, we will meet at a Rangoli Restaurant near the old Bombay-Pune highway.

  • Google Map Location:  --------

  • Timing of Kamshet Paragliding Activity:

In Winter Season: 07:30 Am To 01:00 Pm.

In Summer Season: 02:30 Pm To 06:30 Pm.

  • Details About Kamshet Paragliding:

Kamshet is only a two and a half hour drive from Mumbai and an hour drive from Pune. Kamshet Paragliding is a lovely hill station nestled among the Western Ghats' naturally lofty hills. The area is well-known for its historic significance due to the abundance of forts and caves, as well as the variety of adventure activities available. It is also known as Maharashtra's paragliding paradise.

Kamshet Paragliding
  • When is the best time to go for kamshet paragliding?
    Paragliding is only possible from October to May, which is the ideal time for kamshet paragliding. Winter lasts from October to February, and the weather is pleasant and cold. Summer season begins at the end of February and lasts until the end of May. The temperature is higher during these months, but it has no effect on flying because of the coastal winds, which make paragliding extremely enjoyable. Because the monsoon season is not suitable for paragliding in Kamshet, it is closed from June to September.
  • How to reach Kamshet paragliding from Pune or Mumbai?
    Kamshet paragliding is located near Lonavala, which is the halfway point between Pune and Mumbai. It is 100 kilometres from Mumbai and 48 kilometres from Pune. and only 18 kilometres from Lonavala Kamshet can be reached by both railway and road. To travel by train, you must board a train from Mumbai bound for Lonavala. This journey will cost you between Rs.150/- or rather Rs.180/-. After arriving in Lonavala, take the Lonavala-Pune local train. Between Lonavala and Kamshet, there is only one railway station. This local train will only cost you Rs.10/-. To travel by road, take the express highway from Mumbai to Lonavala, then take the second exit and join the old Mumbai-Pune highway. Which you must continue for another 18 kilometres to reach Kamshet paragliding.
  • What is the reporting time for Kamshet Paragliding?
    In the winter, it is from 7:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. In the summer, it begins at 02:30 and lasts until sunset. The time to arrive will be determined by the allowable wind conditions. Although you should arrive at the activity location half an hour ahead of time to avoid any delays.
  • What should I think about before partaking in Kamshet Paragliding?
    When the weather conditions are favorable for paragliding, the activity can be performed. According to the activity criteria, you must be within the age and body weight limits for paragliding. You must carefully follow all of the instructions that we will give you the day before. and please observe the time.
  • How much does Kamshet Paragliding cost?
    The cost of paragliding in Kamshet begins at Rs.2999/- per person. As mentioned below, there are three types of Paragliding rides: 1. Tandem Sky Ride Bliss 2. Tandem Sky Ride Instructional 3. Tandem Sky Ride Acrobatic
  • What other adventure activities are available in Kamshet?
    Because Kamshet is located in the Sahyadri ranges, there are numerous forts and caves to visit for tracking and hicking. Wet n Joy Water Park is located next to Kamshet. Pawna Lake camping.
  • Does Kamshet's paragliding actually meet safety standards?
    In Kamshet, paragliding is completely safe. Since we first began paragliding in Kamshet in 1997, there have never been any accidents or incidents involving tandem paragliding. Since we only used certified equipment and had pilots with a minimum of 15 years' experience, your safety was actually improved by these factors. way that we can firmly assert that it is completely secure. We take special care of the participants; our pilots ensure that you are confident and comfortable so that you can enjoy the paragliding in Kamshet Sky ride fearlessly and we can make it a memorable experience for you.
  • Are there any weight or age restrictions for Kamshet Paragliding?
    Yes, there are age and weight limitations for paragliding in Kamshet. Concerning Age Restrictions: Paragliding can be done by anyone from 6 years old to 75-80 years old, depending on your fitness level, especially for the elderly. We've flown 85-year-olds before, so it's completely safe. Paragliding is suitable for children aged 6 to 18. concerning body weight restrictions The minimum and maximum body weight limits are 15 kg and 95 kg, respectively.
  • Can I do paragliding alone?
    To go solo paragliding, you must first try a tandem paragliding ride, and then if you want to learn, you can enrol in a paragliding course and fly solo.
  • What should I wear for Kamshet paragliding?
    Wear comfortable clothing such as jeans, T-shirts, tracksuits, or shorts for this paragliding activity. You can bring your own jackets or sweaters because the atmosphere might get cold at times. You should wear shoes that are comfortable.

15 guidelines you should be aware of before visiting Kamshet Paragliding

  1. Children over the age of six are permitted to fly, but the pilot will make the decision to fly a child on the spot after reviewing the wind flow, so it is possible that the pilot will refuse to fly at the last minute if the weather is not favourable. In such a case, you will be reimbursed for the person's advance payment.

  2. Because paragliding activity is completely dependent on weather conditions, last-minute rescheduling or cancellation may occur, which is beyond our control. In this case, you will receive a full refund of your advance payment.

  3. If you have any medical conditions, please notify your pilots before taking off.

  4. Pilots have the right to refuse any participant who appears unfit or does not meet the specified criteria.

  5. Sharp objects are not permitted to be carried by participants during the flights.

  1. Cap

  2. Sunglasses

  3. Shoes

  4. Water bottle’s

  5. Wear full slaves clothes

  • Things to carry for Kamshet Paragliding activity:

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